Colonoscopy without taking colon lavage solution

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Colon inspections without uncomfortable lavage solution
What is Day ESD

Colonoscopy without taking colon lavage solution
What is Endoscopic Infusion of Colon Lavage Solution?

The colon should be cleansed of fecal material with about 2 liters of colon lavage solution before the examination. Most patients feel very uncomfortable with this procedure. Dr. Mitooka attempted this procedure, but gave up after drinking 70% of the liquid. To avoid having to deal with this difficulty, Dr. Mitooka establlished a new procedure called Endoscopic Infusion of Colon Lavage Solution and this has establlished procedure since Jan. 2010.

One of Dr. Mitooka's patients, an 80-year old woman once asks, "Doctor, I have been taking colonoscopy examinations by you for over 10 years and have never felt a single pain. However, taking the colon lavage solution before the examination has become a real challenge for me as I have aged. Can you do something about this?" The doctor then remembered he once operated on a bedridden patient suffering from apoplexy so could not ingest the solution. He successfully managed to infuse the colon lavage solution into the stomach and intestines through the endoscope. Instead of having the patient to take it themselves, it's a simple method to infuse it into the stomach and intestines through the endoscope (a thin gastroscope) while the patient is under sedation. Excretion usually starts within about an hour and after 3 hours when the excreta turns transparent, the preparation is finished. It is a safe procedure as we can infuse colon lavage solution directly inspecting through the endoscope. This woman became the first patient to receive this method and over a 100 patients have been prepared by this to date (March 2013). No noteworthy side effects have been reported. Questionnaire surveys revealed that this method completely eliminated an uncomfortable preparation for colonoscopy, and those who have tried have always selected this method the second time.

The only concern is that there will a total of two tranquilizer injections; a light one in the morning when infusing the colon lavage solution, and one in the afternoon before the endoscopic examination leading to a longer stay at the clinic. If there is excessive time between the preparation and examination, you may go out and have a cup of coffee/tea (drinks that will not affect the examination). By using this method and following the limitation rules in eating the day before (low residue diet food for dinner, take laxatives in the morning and before bed), you can return home after about 6 hours of clinic stay (for instance, arrive at the clinic at 8:30am, start preparation at 9:00am, start examination (gastroscopy & colonoscopy) at 12:00pm, end finish at 1:00pm, result explanation after waking up at 2:30pm).

For those who have avoided colonoscopic examinations due to colon lavage solution being difficult to ingest, we encourage you to contact us.

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